Episode 122

A conversation with Stefano Maffulli of the OSI


May 27th, 2022

37 mins 56 secs

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Stefano Maffulli


Richard Littauer | Justin Dorfman

Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Sustain! The podcast where we talk about sustaining open source for the long haul. Today, we have joining us Stefano Maffulli, who’s the new Executive Director for the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Our conversations center around Stefano taking us through what OSI can do and we learn more about how it’s changing. He also tells us about the biggest debate that’s happening in the community, a podcast series they are releasing called Deep Dive AI, and some things he’s most excited about happening in the next few months with the OSI. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out much more!

[00:02:03] Stefano fills us in on his background and how he got into his role at the OSI.

[00:04:49] When coming into the ED role, Stefano explains what he was most excited about doing.

[00:07:21] Stefano shares his ideas and what he’s started since being at the OSI.

[00:09:13] We hear Stefano’s thoughts on dual licensing being part of the open source ecosystem that isn’t negative, and ethical source licenses being big ten open source, and how he sees the OSD changing.

[00:11:27] What are the biggest debates that are happening in the community?

[00:17:35] A podcast series is mentioned by Stefano, and Justin wonders if this a new way to diversify the revenue that’s coming in and if there’s any other initiatives Stefano has that is going to increase that.

[00:22:33] Richard wonders how Stefano expects to mitigate corporate interest ruling OSI’s agenda.

[00:29:33] We learn how Stefano is hoping to involve people for affiliates who don’t have time to read all the legal stuff in his mailing list.

[00:31:42] Stefano tells us what he’s most excited happening in the next few months with the OSI.

[00:34:07] Find out where you can follow Stefano on the web and become a member of the OSI.


[00:09:26] “I do think that technology is not neutral.”
[00:09:53] “We do need to think about how the software that we’ve created impacts the lives of people. And there’s no easy answer.”
[00:15:28] “Artificial Intelligence is a new thing. It’s changing the boundary between data and software.”


  • [00:34:58] Justin’s spotlight is No Secrets!
  • [00:35:18] Richard’s spotlight is Deb Nicholson.
  • [00:36:12] Stefano’s spotlight is Bruce Perens and IndieWeb.



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