Episode 63

Tobias Augspurger on ProtonTypes, LibreSelery, and Environmentally Sustainable Open Source


December 10th, 2020

35 mins 3 secs

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Eric Berry | Justin Dorfman | Richard Littauer


Tobias Augspurger

Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Sustain! Our special guest today is Tobias Augspurger, founder of Protontypes. Today, we learn all about Protontypes and LibreSelery. We will also talk about his sustainable awesome-list. We cover the robotics industry, and how open source has influenced it. We cover other sustainability projects, like FarmBot, which blend together community and open source. Tobias tells us other projects he’s interested in doing with ProntonTypes. Download this episode now to find out!

[00:00:55] Tobias tells us what Protontypes is. He also talks about sustainability for open source, and whether that means environmentally sustainable or sustainable for the maintainers.

[00:02:50] We learn all about LibreSelery, which launched this fall.

[00:10:26] Justin asks Tobias his thoughts on bringing more exposure to projects that are deep down in the stack that the others are standing above and how can you get those projects. Justin mentions checking out the Sustain discourse.

[00:13:56] Tobias tells us how his accelerator works. He talks about his sustainability awesome list.

[00:19:02] Richard asks Tobias if he’s had any students through Protontypes, or any projects come out of it . Tobias talks about the robotics industry as well. Richard mentions FarmBot, an open source DIY gardening tool.

[00:24:21] Richard wonders if Tobias has any interests from other projects that aren’t robotics, or in general if he’s using other sorts of projects in Protontypes.

[00:31:10] Find out here where can you learn more about Protontypes and LibreSelery.


  • [00:32:17] Justin’s spotlight is a website called, WTFisQF.com.
  • [00:33:00] Eric’s spotlight is books and jigsaw puzzles.
  • [00:33:26] Richard’s spotlight is FarmBot.
  • [00:33:44] Tobias’s spotlight is the Wind Turbine published by the International Energy Agency.


[00:28:55] “I also think that people that work for something should get money if somebody is donating into such a project. You cannot really take donations and do not distribute it into contributors. So then stop taking donations if you don’t need them and give it to something else.”



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