Episode 4

Open Source Community Activities Around the World with Samson Goddy and Vipul Gupta


August 9th, 2019

54 mins 22 secs

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  • Pia Mancini

  • Richard Littauer

Joined By Special Guest: Samson Goddy and Vipul Gupta

Episode Summary

Samson Goddy and Vipul Gupta join the panelists Pia Mancini and Richard Littauer to talk about open source activities in Nigeria and India. Samson is the Member of the Oversight Board at Sugar Labs and co-founder of Open Source Community Africa and Vipul is a Global Outreach Team Lead at Sugar Labs. Sugar Labs is an activity-focused open-source software learning platform for children. Both Samson and Vipul agree that a lot of developers they talk to are not very familiar with open source and the most common question they receive in meet-up groups is how one can start to contribute to open source. They then discuss what can be done to have more open source contributors and conference attendance from the rest of the world. One of the main issues that make travel difficult is obtaining visa for non-USA and non-UK citizens. A practice that France has been doing for conference specific visas is brought up as a beneficial example.



Pia Mancini:

  • Suggestion for certifications for open source contributions

  • Suggestions to move opencollective forward

Vipul Gupta:

Richard Littauer:

Samson Goddy:

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