Episode 106

Rodrigo Mendoza on Quine and GitNFT


January 28th, 2022

36 mins 25 secs

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Rodrigo Mendoza


Richard Littauer | Justin Dorfman | Ben Nichols | Eric Berry

Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Sustain! The podcast where we talk about sustaining open source for the long haul. Today, we have a really awesome guest to talk about some really cool stuff. Rodrigo Mendoza is the Founder and CEO of Quine, a data-driven professional network for software creators, as well as GitNFT, an NFT minting platform for GitHub commits. Rodrigo dives deep in Quine and tells us why he’s focusing on open source and software developers, and what is so different about his platform. We also learn more about GitNFT, which is a part of Quine but a different product, and he talks about some of the issues he’s had with GitNFT and why some people get so riled up towards NFTs and Web3. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out much more!

[00:02:09] We start off with Rodrigo telling us what Quine is.

[00:04:12] Richard wonders why Rodrigo is focusing on open source and software developers in particular.

[00:05:26] Richard asks Rodrigo how Quine is not a subset of LinkedIn, and he tells us what’s different about his platform.

[00:09:17] Ben wonders if Rodrigo has any pathways he could create to bring more people into open source to distribute more opportunities to people.

[00:12:33] Another thing Rodrigo works on is GitNFT, so we find out more about that and how it works.

[00:16:22] Justin asks Rodrigo his thoughts on why some people in this industry or our community are so hostile towards NFTs and Web3 as a whole.

[00:21:28] Richard wonders how Rodrigo deals with the internal conflict.

[00:23:36] Ben shares his thoughts on NFTs, and Rodrigo talks about some of the issues he’s had with GitNFT.

[00:29:17] Eric shares some closing thoughts on GitNFT, NFTs overall, and what he loves about this project.

[00:32:35] Find out where you can follow Rodrigo and learn more about Quine.


[00:02:28] “We think that coding is a super-power and if you can code, then you should be able to monetize your skill in a way that is very easy and very fluid.”

[00:06:48] “We think of open source as the professional network of the future.”

[00:07:21] “We think that open source contributions are going to be micro-certificates of skill.”

[00:08:35] “Open source contributions are proof-of-work for skills.”

[00:10:07] “I like to think that open source is still in its early stages.”

[00:11:09] “Open Source has the same problems that a creator economy has: It has issues all around attention, monetization, content creation, content consumption, etc.”

[00:15:40] “We think that having an NFT of a commit can have value based on historical significance.”

[00:19:44] “We want to flip the script on how we monetize open source contributions.”


  • [00:33:33] Ben’s spotlight is Exercism.org.
  • [00:34:07] Eric’s spotlight is the Firefox Browser Developer Edition.
  • [00:34:27] Justin’s spotlight is a GitNFT discussion on the Sustain discourse.
  • [00:34:45] Richard’s spotlight is ADHD medication.
  • [00:35:16] Rodrigo’s spotlight is Bioconductor.



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