Episode 105

John Amaral and Kyle Quest on Slim.ai


January 21st, 2022

41 mins 19 secs

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John Amaral | Kyle Quest


Richard Littauer | Eric Berry

Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Sustain! The podcast where we talk about sustaining open source for the long haul. Today, we are excited to have two guests with us from Slim.ai, which is a company that focuses on developer experience. Joining us is John Amaral, who is the CEO of Slim.ai and Kyle Quest, who is the CTO of Slim.ai and creator of DockerSlim. We are going to learn all about Slim.ai, who is using it, tools they are building, and why Kyle created DockerSlim. Also, John and Kyle fill us in what they’re doing to give back to the communities and why they have the best developer focused investors. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out much more!

[00:02:24] John tells us what Slim.ai does.

[00:04:10] Kyle expands on the ‘ai’ part of it which stands for “Application Intelligence,” and what aspects he would go in and modify.

[00:08:22] We learn who is primarily using Slim.ai. and the tools they are building.

[00:10:53] Kyle fills us in more about the governance of DockerSlim, how he ended up having more contributors contribute to it, and how it maintains itself as a free project with all the work he’s putting in. Also, he mentions Gitpod as a great tool.

[00:14:31] John tells us how they are paying themselves and their developers.

[00:19:46] Eric asks Kyle and John if they see a shift in the community to where there is more attention and new avenues that containerization is providing, and if they see the developer environment of the future primarily being in the Cloud.

[00:24:03] When Richard thinks of the Cloud he thinks of large business practices, which are interested in paying other large projects to host their stuff, and he asks Kyle to share his thoughts on this.

[00:26:15] We hear how John and Kyle are maintaining their core value of helping developers do better and their amazing investment partners.

[00:29:01] Kyle and John explain what they’re doing to give back to the communities.

[00:36:03] Find out where you can follow along with Slim.ai, John, and Kyle and get involved with their communities.


[00:11:42] “There are many ways to contribute: It’s not just about code, it’s about feedback, ideas, and suggestions.”

[00:14:52] “We believe in open source as a foundational way to build value with developers.”

[00:15:06] “We work in a way that is designed around interacting and giving to developers.”


  • [00:37:02] Eric’s spotlight is Lazydocker built by Jessie Duffield.
  • [00:37:29] Richard’s spotlight is Pieter van Noordennen.
  • [00:38:21] John’s spotlight is Railway.app.
  • [00:39:25] Kyle’s spotlight is Docker.



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