Episode 38

Working Group Updates with Justin & Javi


May 29th, 2020

42 mins 6 secs

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Justin Flory

Javier “Javi” Canovas
Open University of Catalonia

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This is a special episode where we are talking about the working groups that came out of the Sustain Summit in Brussels back in January. Today, we have Justin Flory, a student at Rochester Institute of Technology and Javier “Javi” Canovas, from Barcelona, an Assistant Professor at the Open University of Catalonia, who are very involved in the Sustain Working Groups. Javi is the bottom liner for the Governance Readiness Group and Justin is the bottom liner for the Principles of Authentic Participation (PAP). They will both talk about their groups and their involvement in them. They also talk about the Transparency Working Group. Also, Richard talks about the Nvie Git Flow Model. If you want to learn more about the different working groups, then this episode is for you!

[00:01:31] Richard gives an overview of what the Sustain Working Group is all about and how you can join in on the conversation on the discourse forum.

[00:05:22] Justin Flory tells us what PAP is and what does it mean to be authentically participating in something. He also explains navigating core values that don’t match up.

[00:11:07] Richard wonders if Justin Flory ever tried to figure out what does it mean to be authentic as a large corporation versus what does it mean to be authentic as a lone script kitty and if those ever clashed? Justin explains.

[00:15:35] Javi explains what Governance Readiness is and how that has materialized for him over the past couple of months.

[00:18:17] Javi talks about some of the Governance Models that he’s looked at or put together. He is asked by Justin D. if any of his students know what he’s working on. Also, he talks about how many people are involved in his group. Justin F. tells us how many people are in the PAP group.

[00:21:54] Justin F. builds on the Javi’s discussion about where the working group sits and explains that this working group is also another place where they’re trying to build that common language.

[00:24:15] Richard talks about the “Nvie Git Flow Model” and a blog post that came out 10 years ago.

[00:25:51] Justin F. talks about the Transparency Working Group and its focus. He also gives a shout out to Gunner’s interview on Episode 19 of Sustain’s Podcast, which helped him frame the way he’s going into some of this sustainability work.

[00:31:35] Javi explains what his working group is looking at for the next meeting and what topics he’s looking to get feedback on for the working group right now.

[00:34:09] Justin F. asks Javi what the working group is planning to do next and what would he want the working groups accomplishments to be? He explains.

[00:35:43] Justin F. tells us where he wants to go with PAP and what’s next. He talks about “Boundary spanning.”

[00:37:50] Richard says for any listeners out there who want to start listening actively or actively contributing to go to sustainoss.org/working-groups.


  • [00:38:49] Justin’s spotlight is a project he works for CodeFund which is Open Source. They passed 400 million ethical ads served. Big Milestone for them! Congratulations! ☺
  • [00:39:20] Javi’s spotlight is a project called, “Community Rule.”
  • [00:39:59] Justin Flory’s spotlight is first a shout-out for the place where we have defined the Governance Model, which is open for issues and pull requests. Also, a cool initiative in the Fedora Project Community, an Open Source Linux Project.
  • [00:40:54] Richard’s spotlight is NVIE Git Flow Model. He loves it!


[00:22:36] “But now we’re in this changing world where Open Source is starting to become really popular or it’s being looked at a different way than it was twenty years ago.”

[00:29:52] “We all eat, and it’s really important to eat. And if you don’t eat, you get angry. And if you get angry you close issues a lot faster without saying thank you, right?”


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CodeFund “400 Million Ad Served”

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