Episode 30

Silver Linings in The FOSS Community


April 3rd, 2020

23 mins 17 secs

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Richard Littauer | Justin Dorfman | Eric Berry

Show Notes

COVID-19 is the main focus today and how it is ripping through the open source ecosystem. Although you may be tired of listening to it, the guys get real and speak from the heart and talk about the affects it is having on people all over the country, especially maintainers and coders. The message here is, “BE KIND TODAY!”

02:37 Justin talks about keeping busy with SustainOSS stuff and he’s been listening to an Audible book called, “It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work,” which has changed his perception on how to work smart and not hard.

03:49 Richard chimes in about he’s been working on a lot of projects and since COVID-19 started in the US he’s been involved in a project called FOSS Responders, which is Free and Open Source Responders and he explains what it does.

04:55 Richard gives an update on what FOSS Responder’s did this week.

06:27 Eric joins in to say that he runs CodeFund with Justin and how it allows them to display ethical non-tracking ads to developers all over the world. Find out what happened in THREE DAYS after they launched a FOSS Responders campaign.

08:04 Eric talks about his friend who did an amazing thing with his business and it’s pretty cool! This gets him thinking about Open Source, developers, and us as people and how each of us has a talent to maybe donate or allow use of something to support people to give back to the community.

15:31 Justin’s been trying to find silver linings in everything these days, especially with FOSS Responders. Richard brings up helping at helpwithcovid.com and opencollective.com.

17:08 Richard speaks from the heart about his silver lining. He is more connected then he was a month ago. Listen to hear what he’s been doing about connecting with friends.

18:05 Eric talks about struggles he has been having as well as other people may be having right now, with their jobs, figuring out a way to homeschool their kids, and keeping everybody heathy and happy while doing their jobs. He also talks about his silver lining which is really knowing to him what is important.


Help With COVID

Open Collective

“It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work.”-Audible Book

FOSS Responders

GitHub COVID-19

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