Episode 26

The Data Behind Open Source is CHAOSS with Georg Link


February 28th, 2020

42 mins 30 secs

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Georg Link
Bitergia | CHAOSS

Show Notes

In this episode we talk with Georg Link, an Open Source Strategist. He is Director of Sales for Bitergia and Co-Founder, Governing Board Member of the Linux Foundation CHAOSS Project. He’s a native of Germany, but currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska.

04:21 Georg explains how he spent his last five years as he joined the PhD program, how he dove into Open Source, and his research focus.

5:25 The topic of metrics is discussed for Open Source.

07:52 The roots of the CHAOSS Project is explained and how it started at the Open Source Leadership Summit in 2017.

10:36 The topic of Red Hat’s contribution to Prospector as part of Project CHAOSS is explained and how it took the approach of taking metrics and providing an interface for analysis.

11:55 A question was posed to Georg about his perspective of his view when he started getting into the data behind Open Source and what kind of revelations he had.

15:29 One of the guys wants to know what Georg’s expectations are of these projects when they use metrics outlined and what will they do with it.

19:09 Georg talks about the two main reasons why he sees the metrics being implemented.

19:26 Justin brings up how Drupal does a comprehensive state of their community once a year and how they really go into metrics and Richard wants to know what metrics we have, and Georg expands on this topic.

22:26 Georg shares checking out CHAOSS.community/metrics to see shared metrics.

25:10 Richard wants to know how people who are not in an OSPO, who have a project, or are solo maintainers, or a team of people working on a project, how can they use these metrics to make their code better in the long run? Georg gives his recommendations on how to do this.

29:08 Georg explains who metrics are useful to and a question was asked from one of the guys as to how people can learn about different things from metrics without getting involved in the CHAOSS community if they don’t have time. Georg gives his advice.

33:38 Georg chats about what was different at the recent CHAOSSCON, what he’s focused on, and what he’s doing moving ahead. Listen on as he states, “It was the BEST we’ve had!”


  • 39:11 Justin’s spotlight this week is a TechRepublic article called, “Linux Foundation study throws the open source sustainability debate into question,” by Matt Asay.
  • 39:38 Eric’s spotlight is a controversial one called Web3 Sustain Event-Blockchain.
  • 40:47 Richard’s pick is Jekyll, to build websites really easily and fast using Ruby.
  • 41:15 Georg gives a shout out to the LibreOffice community.


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