Episode 17

How Formidable Supports Open Source With Lorenzo Sciandra


December 4th, 2019

43 mins 46 secs

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Lorenzo Sciandra talks about being an Open Source maintainer, how Formidable provides Open Source, the benefits of open source, expanding open source, and who is behind Formidable.


Justin Dorfman | Pia Mancini | Richard Littauer | Eric Berry


Lorenzo Sciandra @kelset

Show Notes

02:42 Being an Open Source Maintainer

08:40 How Formidable Provides Open Source

14:03 Explaining the Benefits of Open Source to Other Companies

16:38 Expanding Open Source Through Fellowship (Proposal Process)

21:08 How to Get Other Companies to Participate in Open Source

24:07 Who is Behind Formidable

26:00 Other Companies That Have a Big Impact in Open Source

29:10 Contributions to Open Source Projects

34:05 Meaningful Work Being Done Outside of Work Hours


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