Episode 165

Hugi Ásgeirsson, Silona Bonewald & Marco Möller at State of Open Con 2023


April 7th, 2023

50 mins 31 secs

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Hugi Ásgeirsson | Silona Bonewald | Marco Möller


Richard Littauer

Show Notes

Hello and welcome back to Sustain! The podcast where we talk about sustaining open source for the long haul. Richard is at the State of Open Con 2023 UK in London, and he’s excited to have his first ever in-person podcasts. Today, he has three guests joining him. His first guest is Hugi Ásgeirsson, who’s the Strategy & Partnerships Director at Open Collective Europe. He talks about the differences and benefits between Open Collective in the US vs Europe. Richard’s next guest is a Sustain favorite, Silona Bonewald, who’s the Executive Director for IEEE SA Open. Silona dives into DE&I at conferences and how IEEE and SA Open help with Sustainability. Finally, Marco Möller joins the podcast. Marco is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at PIONIX. We’ll learn how open source is helping sustain our environment, via EV Charging solutions powered by Open Source. Interested in finding out more? Hit play now and enjoy this episode.

[00:01:12] Hugi explains how Open Collective Europe fits within Open Collective.

[00:03:48] Why does tax structure matter for hosting Open Source projects? Hugi explains the benefits of funding via OCE vs other parts of the world.

[00:07:16] If Hugi works for Open Collective Europe...as in the EU, why is he at a conference in the UK? We learn how 50% of all philanthropic donations in Europe happen in the UK.

[00:08:34] Hugi discusses his favorite discussions heard at State of Open Con 2023 UK and the takeaways. One word… resilience.

[00:13:14] Find out where you can follow Hugi and Open Collective Europe on the web.

[00:16:11] Silona now joins Richard. Silona talks about if the sustainability of the ecosystem still depends upon individual members of large projects and corporation at these conferences. Does it help or hurt?

[00:17:42] We hear about types of diversity and inclusion that's left out of the conferences.

[00:20:40] Silona explains what IEEE and SA Open is, the differences, and her on-going work there.

[00:26:29] Richard ask Silona how their platform lends itself towards a more sustainable, more diverse market or ecosystem of open source.

[00:31:34] If you want to get involved, Silona gives us two sites you can check out (linked below).

[00:32:07] Find out all the places you can follow Silona on the web.

[00:33:45] Richard has on a different and special guest for us as the final interview of the conference, Marco Möller. Marco gives us his background and his links to Open Source.

[00:35:35] Marco explains how EV Charging works, and how his company PIONIX fit in.

[00:36:41] We learn how PIONIX, and their EV charging system is powered by open source and is the main contributor to EVerest.

[00:40:46] Marco goes into LF Energy’s (A Linux Foundation Project) involvement in PIONIX.

[00:43:59] Richard is curious to find out more about PIONIX’s investors.

[00:49:33] Want to learn more about PIONIX, the repository, or Marco himself? He tells us where to find him on the internet.



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