Episode 118

FOSS Backstage 2022 with Florian Gilcher & Silona Bonewald


April 29th, 2022

34 mins 9 secs

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Florian Gilcher | Silona Bonewald


Richard Littauer

Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Sustain! On this episode, Richard is at the FOSS Backstage 2022 that is held in Berlin every year. This conference focuses on open source and sustainability. He had the opportunity to interview people who were there in-person and talk about software sustainability, what they hope to find in FOSS Backstage, and a bunch of other good stuff. Joining him today are two guests, the first is Florian Gilcher, a Rustacean, CEO of Asquera, Managing Director of Ferrous Systems, and a Founding member of Rust Foundation. We also have Silona Bonewald, who is the Executive Director of IEEE SA OPEN. Go ahead and download this episode now to hear more!

[00:01:00] Florian tells his background, what he does now, and how he gets community funded.

[00:03:36] We learn that Florian is one of the Founding members of the Rust Foundation, and how he shares how he decided to build his for-profit company, Ferrous Systems, instead of just getting open source to pay him for everything.

[00:09:16] Richard wonders if Florian sees more foundations working well with companies that are service providers as a viable means of actually making open source projects sustainable in the future.

[00:12:13] Find out where you can follow Florian on the web.

[00:12:54] Silona tells us more about the IEEE SA OPEN.

[00:14:52] We hear about what it means to have an open source standard and where are these standards being applied.

[00:18:58] Silona shares with us what her dream is for ten years from now for the output of this governance group.

[00:22:06] We hear about Silona’s talk she did at FOSS Backstage called, It Takes a Village, where she talked about diversity and what it means to grow open source.

[00:25:39] Silona tells us how to use the IEEE platform and sign up if you’re interested in starting a new project at your company, and she explains how the adoption has been.

[00:28:59] How does funding work on IEEE SA OPEN projects?

[00:30:42] Over the next year or two, Silona talks about what collaborations are going to make it better for people who use the platform and what she’s excited about.

[00:33:06] Find out where you can follow Silona on the web.



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