Episode 114

Chris Coleman and the Clinic for Open Source Arts (COSA)


March 25th, 2022

33 mins 18 secs

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Chris Coleman


Richard Littauer | Justin Dorfman

Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Sustain! The podcast where we talk about sustaining open source for the long haul. Today, we have a really cool guest joining us, Chris Coleman, who is the Professor of Emergent Digital Practices and Director of The Clinic for Open Source Arts at the University of Denver. Chris takes us through his journey of creating The Clinic for Open Source Arts (COSA), what they’re focused on, and some cool projects they are working with. He goes in detail about open source artists and what creativity means for COSA. Also, we learn why we need Web3, some thoughts on Crypto, and a conference coming up that Chris is really excited about. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more!

[00:01:48] Chris tells us what he does and how he created The Clinic for Open Source Arts (COSA).

[00:03:13] Chris defines what an open source artist is.

[00:05:15] When Chris talks about being creative we find out what he means by this, as well as how he teaches artists who are open source people.

[00:08:11] Justin wonders what opportunities there are for Web3 and NFTs to fund open source.

[00:09:51] Since there’s a huge problem with trust in the NFT space, Justin wonders how we get over this unfortunate situation we’re in with NFTs and Web3 being the future of sustain open source and funding.

[00:13:05] Richard and Chris share their thoughts on Crypto.

[00:15:57] Chris tells us about some cool projects they are working with such as Bitsy, a Feminist Data Set by Caroline Sinders, and Close Isn’t Home.

[00:18:30] Find out why we need Web3, why it’s so interesting, and what COSA is focused on.

[00:21:21] Chris tells us where we can access COSA stuff.

[00:22:40] We learn about a conference Chris is most excited about.

[00:24:32] If you want to get involved with COSA find out here, and Chris tells us the hardest thing about his job.

[00:28:28] Find out where you can follow Chris and COSA online.


[00:07:07] “There are some people whose time is best spent innovating, and there are some who’s joy is helping.”

[00:11:12] “If you want diverse voices to show up to the table, they need money.”

[00:14:00] “You don’t have to work in advertising, there are new ways of selling your work.”


  • [00:29:50] Justin’s spotlight is a new podcast called, Let’s Talk Docs, with Portia Burton and Erik Holscher.
  • [00:30:40] Richard’s spotlight is Cybraphon.
  • [00:31:22] Chris’s spotlight is the Open Source Afro Hair Library.



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