Episode 102

Ele Diakomichalis and Radicle


December 17th, 2021

39 mins 31 secs

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Ele Diakomichalis


Richard Littauer | Eric Berry | Pia Mancini

Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Sustain! The podcast where we talk about sustaining open source for the long haul. We are very excited to have as our guest today, Ele Diakomichalis, who is one of the Co-Founders and one of the core contributors to Radicle. What is Radicle? It’s a decentralized stack for code collaboration that enables developers to collaborate on code, govern code, and fund code in a decentralized way. Ele fills us in more about Radicle, how many people are on the team, how many people use it, the financial commitment to using Radicle, and he explains the three layers to the Radicle stack. Also, we find out Ele’s pipe dream for long-term usage of Radicle and his thoughts on how he thinks he can change the coding space for JavaScript and Ruby coders, and people who want to make open source better. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more about how to get involved in Radicle!

[00:01:28] Ele fills us in on what Radicle is and why it’s so awesome. Also, we learn how Radicle is different than using GitHub and then paying people through Open Collective using Ethereum.

[00:08:39] We learn more about the financial commitment that somebody using Radicle might be obligated to or not obligated to.

[00:15:29] Richard wonders what the current scope of Radicle is, how many people use it, and how big the team is.

[00:18:09] What is Ele’s pipe dream for long-term usage of Radicle for the average contributor who doesn’t want anything to do with P2P or Crypto, and how does he think he can change the coding space for JavaScript coders, Ruby coders, or people who are interested in just making open source better and working on stuff?

[00:22:42] The topic of finding a path for open source creators to capture more value out of their creations through a coin or token is brought up by Pia and she wonders how that’s looking now for Ele with Radicle, as well as challenges of paying or getting paid for value creation in open source.

[00:32:12] If you want to get involved in Radicle find out where you can go.

[00:33:25] Find out where you can follow Ele online.


[00:06:25] “One of the things that we actually do with Radicle is actually leveraging Ethereum for code governance.”

[00:13:28] “The last thing is basically what we call Radicle Funding, and this is basically our contribution to the open sustainability problem where you, as a maintainer, you can actually raise funds from your supporters, either as donations or in exchange for something within your community.”

[00:19:17] “The second thing that it’s more of a dream or a hope, but I really feel that what we’re doing with Radicle works is introducing a non-hierarchical model for collaboration.”

[00:19:57] “We really hope that we’re going to see a lot of these developers actually realizing that if we can also coordinate in a non-hierarchical way and sometimes this actually looks more beautiful.”

[00:30:56] “Because we think that we need to create new cultural norms. We want to make this a norm that every time that you get paid, more developers get paid and try to create this more cyclical, regenerative, someone would say, open source economy.”


  • [00:34:31] Eric’s spotlights are iPad mini 6, Gitcoin and Kevin Owocki, and the immense value that Richard Littauer provides to the community, as well as his videos to check out on YouTube called, “Francis Bacon and Eggs.”
  • [00:36:09] Pia’s spotlight is the Lex Fridman Podcast.
  • [00:36:50] Richard’s spotlight is Nassar Hayat.
  • [00:37:29] Ele’s spotlights are Abbey Titcomb, Nassar Hayat, IPFS, SSB, and other decentralized workers.



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