Travis received a PhD from the Mayo Clinic in Biomedical Engineering in 2001 and taught Electrical and Computer Engineering until 2007 during which time he created the SciPy and NumPy libraries while also becoming a contributor to Python. After moving to Texas in 2007 to work at Enthought, Travis founded Anaconda (Continuum Analytics) and NumFOCUS in 2012 while also starting the Numba project. Travis served as CEO of Anaconda until 2017 overseeing the creation and development of Numba, Conda, Dask, Bokeh, JupyterLab, Holoviz, and other projects. In 2018, Travis founded Quansight as a consulting services company and open-source research lab with an associated venture fund. He founded OpenTeams in 2019 to become a B2B marketplace for open-source service providers as well as founding FairOSS as a public benefit corporation to bring equity to open source.

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