Nina was born in Yugoslavia (a country that doesn’t exist anymore), now Slovenia. She studied Public administration and Slavic languages with literature. While doing her MA in communication studies she co-founded her first project in 2007 - a network of computer technicians and tutors - to improve digital literacy. The startup received an angel investment back in 2009 and the service was rolled out in Slovenia.
She moved to Berlin in 2009 and a few years later started learning programming. In 2015 she built an app to help refugees connect with locals through volunteering and freelance gigs. project led her to think about user owned platforms, data sovereignty and she started following Hypercore protocol (then Dat) closely.

In 2017 she left Berlin, packed all of her belongings in a backpack and started to live as a nomad. Later in the same year she was invited to join a blockchain project to financially recover after building Refugees work and WizardAmigos meetups and contributing to open source without any financial support.

After 3 years doing contracting work she together with @serapath started working on a DatDot project - a peer to peer hosting for hypercore protocol.

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