Episode 158

Ruth Cheesley & Mike Nolan at State of Open Con 2023


March 10th, 2023

35 mins 9 secs

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Ruth Cheesley | Mike Nolan


Richard Littauer

Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Sustain! The podcast where we talk about sustaining open source for the long haul. Richard is at the State of Open Con 2023 UK in London, and he’s excited to have his first ever in-person podcast. Today, he has two guests joining him that have previously been on this podcast. His first guest is Ruth Cheesley, who’s the Project Lead at Mautic. Ruth tells us about Mautic and what her job entails. Also, since she attended FOSDEM ’23 right before this, we’ll find out a little more about that event, as well as what she’s looking forward to at State of Open Con 2023. Richard’s next guest is Mike Nolan, who’s a Software Engineer and open source Community Strategy Consultant helping run Open@RIT as the Associate Director, and he’s the Director and Founding Member of the Federation of Humanitarian Technologists. Mike tells us why he’s at State of Open Con representing RIT and what he’ll be speaking about at his session, and we’ll find out what separates an OSPO at a university from an OSPO in the industry. Download this episode to hear more!

[00:01:19] Ruth tells us about her role at Mautic and what her recurring tasks are throughout the week.

[00:05:24] We learn how Ruth sets up the community engagement in the Mautic Slack and how she uses Common Room.

[00:08:05] Find out Ruth’s journey of getting to where she is today.

[00:09:56] In case you missed FOSDEM ‘23, Ruth fills us in on how fantastic it was this year because she was there.

[00:11:56] What is Ruth looking forward to at State of Open?

[00:14:56] Find out where you can follow Ruth online.

[00:16:12] Mike Nolan joins Richard and we find out why he’s at State of Open, and why Rochester Institute of Technology needs to be represented at this conference.

[00:18:52] Mike explains what separates an OSPO at a university from an OSPO in the industry.

[00:24:10] What does Mike do to help Steve Jacobs make everything happens at RIT?

[00:27:27] Mike details how they utilize the students at RIT, not just as an effort of instruction, but as an effort of moving forward with his own OSPO roles.

[00:30:18] Mike submitted a proposal for a session at State of Open called, “Entering the OSPO Winter,” and he tells us what he means by winter and what the session is going to be about.

[00:32:30] Find out where you can follow Mike online, and he tells us about a great place in England to visit for wild camping.


  • [00:13:12] Richard’s spotlight is the eBird reviewers for London.
  • [00:13:53] Ruth’s spotlight is the HappyCow App-The #1 Vegan App.



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